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Anonymous asked: Do you not like Ziggy Stardust? or other Bowie personas??

Nonsense, dear! I adore each and every one of them. I just favour 1974-1976, as that’s when all my favourite Bowie releases were. It’s probably horrid to say also, as we all know how troubling things were at that time and so on, but I also find it his most interesting period. (And yet there’s still barely any coverage of that era?!) 

But yes, I do like Ziggy Stardust, and all the other Bowie eras very much so.


David Bowie and Ava Cherry


David Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton in “The man who fell to earth”


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Bryan Ferry live @ Coachella Festival

David Bowie

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Bowie, Station To Station Tour, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 1976

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C R A C K E D    A C T O R

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